Iodine Lugol’s 5%

  • 100% pharmaceutically pure quality
  • Made in Germany
  • highly productive in practical high-quality pipette bottles
  • no additives

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Also called iodine-potassium iodide solution or potassium triiodide.

Characteristic is the brown-red color with a 1: 2 ratio of iodine to potassium iodide in water.

A vertical drop of this 5% solution corresponds to 6.5 mg of iodine.

What makes our Lugol iodine solution unique: our components are all (!) According to Ph. EUR. Tested not only for USP. Moreover, our solution is in one of the highest quality pipette bottles available on the German market. The glass pipette is made of AR glass, the nitrile rubber teat is made of the best types of rubber for it and the screw is fixed with tamper ring, which first breaks open. The plastic screw is very stable and robust, with many low drop bottles the screw can literally “burst”. Our closure is made in one piece, which in turn promotes stability. Since the Lugol solution exhales through halogen, it is advantageous
Our pipettes are TÜV certified according to DIN EN ISO 13485 and DIN ISO 14001 and in accordance with the GMP directive, these pipette systems achieve the highest quality standards. Another quality feature is that these pipettes have a cleanroom certificate.


85% water (purified, demineralized) according to Ph.Eur., USP, NF
10% potassium iodide according to Ph.Eur, USP
5% iodine according to Ph.Eur

CAS No: 12298-68-9 EC No: 235-567-5

Safety data sheet can be requested. Then contact us by e-mail!

It is not medicine or food.


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